Lámina POP, Pablo Swezey

Tribute to Pablo Swezey, arquitecto empirico. Sculptor and engineer. Guatemalan artist.

capiruchos rain and lamps - los tres tiempos restaurant, Antigua Guatemala

New design and gourmet restaurant at Antigua Guatemala: contemporary design, traditional crafts and guatemalan kitchen. Design by Olivero Interiorismo & Mobiliario.
Everything made in Guatemala.

The papaya project hotel - Tulum, México

Dreaming México, beach and a design hotel. Just some details: sand, wood, pillows and colorful fabrics.

packaging and light pink napkins for guatemala à porter.

The last week-end in Antigua Guatemala: high quality craft and design sale, everything made in Guatemala . 

Lake Atitlan © panbagnatoandrea vigna

From ‘Guatemala_agriculture, markets and kitchen’ article on panbagnato blog: 

[…] La terra è fertile, lavoro ed esperienza la rendono magica.

san marcos © eric mencher

Dreaming to swim in Lake Atitlan. Through Guatemala with amazing photos of Eric Mencher, photojournalist discovered thanks to another great photojournalist, Hiroko Tanaka. Both in love with Lake Atitlan.

Aurora - space, 2011 © Ferit Kuyas

Serie of photographs of cityscape of Guatemala City. Here where starts Avenida de La reforma. 

This work has been published on Revista Rara #08, as ‘GPS/14°37’22.48’N 90°31’53.33’O/ GUATEMALA’, with a special text of Juan Carlos Llorca.

'I dream of stones that sprout and do cloud shapes' - Karen Macher Nesta

Just started ’Una mirada al sur: Perú' at Sol del Río contemporary art gallery, in Guatemala city. Unexpectedly found it, just there, hanging in the little room. Paper on paper as stones, as clouds. Everything free from weight.